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    Truly A Statement Everytime

The House

JOVADI is a distinctive fine jewellery brand whose dazzling handcrafted jewels adorn the world’s most sophisticated women.



Born out of a genuine quest to create and beautify women with the most glamorous jewels in the world, JOVADI expresses its adoration for women through its delightfully authentic and often surprising creations.

Founded by Ella Peters in response to a burning desire to express her creativity and share her passion for jewellery design with the world, JOVADI’s pieces are as alluring as they’re flamboyant; as authentic as they’re surprising; and as sophisticated as they’re genuine.


JOVADI, which takes its name from the blending of its Founder’s children’s names, is a story of passion for craft and love for family. JOVADI is rooted in a strong passion for creation, a special love for jewellery design and a deep-rooted family heritage of luxury entrepreneurship spanning generations, all blending together into a unique and authentic universe of the most exceptional jewels.

Each JOVADI piece is birthed through a seamless journey of creative inspiration and design interpretation; continuing to the quest for only the most precious gemstones; before being painstakingly handcrafted in JOVADI’s atelier in Italy by master artisans.

Through an unwavering commitment to its core values of ethical sourcing and exceptional craftsmanship, JOVADI’s jewels connect with every woman in a deep and meaningful way. The jewels stir up profound emotions and heralds a new heartbeat.